Why People Should Drink More Water, ESPECIALLY bulimics!

i’ve stopped losing weight.. AGAIN.


i think i’m going to have to approach my weightloss with a more intense routine.


lately i’ve been getting lazy or had too many distractions to remember to throw up on time. rather then waiting two hours to throw up, i think i’m going to do it within the hour. it’s pretty sick though, throwing up so soon after i eat since the food is hardly digested. knowing what my food looks like while in my stomach is enough encouragement to eat healthier.


to your delight, i’ll list some examples so everyone can get a nice, clear visual of what food looks like in your stomach. feel free to skip the next 3 bullets.

– chew your bread thoroughly! i noticed that with stuff like bread, it sinks down to the bottom of your stomach and takes extra effort to get rid of since its so heavy.


– chips.. DON’T DIGEST apparently. the other day i had Cheetos Puffs, and its a pretty oily, cheesy type of chip. so of course after i pruged, all i saw was droplets of oil. and Hot Cheetos and Hot Cheetos Fries, clump together and somehow sit on the top of your stomach? I had eaten some like 2 hours before I consumed my meal yet the Hot Cheetos were the first to go. gross, i know.


– chocolate also seems to sink down to the bottom of your stomach. deeeeep down.


so even though you may throw up your meal, you may not necessarily be getting rid of everything since the stuff sinks down, which makes it way more difficult to throw up. that may be why you still gotta do number 2 sometimes. haha.. 


also, they say you should drink about 8 glasses of water each day. yet there are new reports  suggesting that 8 glasses of water may not really have that great of an effect on you. studies show that people who drank 8 glasses on average were just as healthy as people who didn’t. buttttttttt i still think you should drink water. why??


because it makes it so much easier to puke. =) and because it cleanses you internally. i noticed that while drinking at least a cup of water while eating makes it easier to not only throw up but physically makes me so full that i don’t get lazy and want to throw up. 


also, they say that drinking cold water is extremely bad for you since it slows down your digestion. i haven’t really decided if i should drink cold water because it will slow down the digestion of the food thats in my stomach so my body won’t abosrb as much but on the other hand, it might make it more difficult to throw up since the food wouldn’t have dissolved as much.


water is especially good for those late night hunger pains. statistics show that drinking one glass of water at night will reduce your hunger by 98% so there’s no need for the munchies and another unncessary puking session. 


and besides, since a lot of bulimics tend to binge on things like junk food, and some of it does tend to get digested before you purge, water can help get rid of toxins and other unhealthy stuff while in your body. sure you’ll gain some water weight, but i think its worth it.


and they say like 87% of americans are dehydrated. and dehydration leads to a slower metabolism SO , drink water! 


in addition to drinking more water, I think i’m going to keep track of my calorie intake from now on.

before, just binging, purging, and exercise used  to make me consistently lose weight each week. yet for some reason, its slowed down dramatically. maybe my body got used to the purging and began absorbing the food faster? or i’ve lost so many nutrients by now that my body isn’t processing normally.



my calorie intake for my lunch is:

one cup of juice: 120 

8 wheat thins: 65


my exercise goal: run/walk for at least 30 minutes. i’ve been really getting in to running these days. after i started running at the gym, i decided to look up blogs related to running and there are SO many! anyways. the usual amount of calories i burn at the gym is around 300?ish. i think i’m going to start doing other machines too, like toning ones and more of the elliptical.  


wish me luck?


on the status of my ex-boyfriend:

he is being the nicest person ever to me. its like how it used to be back when we first started going out. i was actually getting over the whole thing to the point of being indifferent about the break-up but now he’s giving me mixed signals. he’s sort’ve flirting a lot too now, occassionally finding an excuse to touch me casually.


sigh. if only he was like this when we were actually going out.

i wonder if he’s having fun doing this to make the break-up more painful for me. 



One response to “Why People Should Drink More Water, ESPECIALLY bulimics!

  1. Please, PLEASE get help for your bulimia before it goes on too long. I’ve dealt with bulimia since I was twelve years old, and I’m now 20. It’s destroyed so many aspects of my life. I turned to cocaine and ended up in the hospital. I have taccacardia, extremeley irregular heart beats. I can’t breathe, my blood pressure is high, and my metab is so shot that even though I eat less than 600 calories a day, I don’t lose weight anymore. Bulimia WILL NOT make you lose weight. Please.. this is NOT something you want to live with. My weight has fluctuated between 125 and 185 for the past 8 years due to this… I’m always tired.. I have serious depression and anxiety disorder.. God.. I wish I could make you see what your life will be like down the road… email me if you need anything.
    Best wishes.

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